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Miscellaneous Programs


"ArBPM is a Beats per Minute counter. This means it can measure the rate of anything you want, from music beats to heartbeats and writing speed. It is a very small window that you can set on top of other windows and, by hitting any key on the keyboard, it measure the rate, showing the results in BPM, Hertz (Beats per Seconds), Beats per Hour or mean time interval (in Seconds)."

Status: discontinued, but available.

ArBPM in our archive.

Calculator Plus

"Calculator Plus is simple calculator, which can replace standard Windows calculator. It is still in development and need to be improved (graphs, help, presets etc.)."

Status: active. On a horrible Czech server though, mirroring file in our archive.

Calculator Plus in our archive.

Elite Calculator

"Elite Calculator is a free scientific calculator.With Elite Calculator you can simply type a expression,the same way you would do on a piece of paper, and press [enter] to show the result. Elite Calculator also supports variables,so you can work with advanced expressions." By B. Andjelkovic.

Status: discontinued (author not using Windows anymore).

Elite Calculator in our archive.


"Equalizer is a freeware scientific calculator. Instead of the traditional look of many buttons, Equalizer has a simple text line on which you can write the expression in the same way you would write it on paper (for example: typing "(6*5-12) / 2" will show the answer "9"). In addition, Equalizer is fully skinable - you can completely change its appearance, and even create your own skins."

Status: active.

Equalizer in our archive.


Likely to be the first skinnable calculator ever, and the first with "translucency effects" too. SkinCalc is a basic calculator with a lot of skins. Its skinning format is freeform, so skins can look like anything you want. The site has a nice archive of skins too.

Status: Active


XXCalc is a skinnable calculator. Actually, it's the first skinnable calculator and one of the first skinnables in general. Has an advanced version too, loads of skins around!

Status: on hold. Download at page not working btw.

XXCalc in our archive.


So, you're talented and can actually charge a bit for what you're doing ? Then there's XXlog, skinnable tool that calculates/tracks what you've earned and should put on the bill :).

Status: on hold. Download at homepage not working btw.

XXLog in our archive.


XXScroll scrolls a message on your desktop, in a skinnable interface. Needs some manual editing stuff, but a fun toy and/or serious message system.

Status: on hold. Download at homepage not working btw.

XXScroll in our archive.


"This is a skinnable screensaver called XXSvgSaver. Basically, it reads playlist .ini file and plays Svg files like a movie. The configuration window will be skinnable in later betas, so everything will be skinnable. Requirements for using XXSvgSaver are Adobe's Svg Viewer and the .Net framework."

Status: on hold. Download at homepage not working btw.

XXSvgSaver in our archive.