; front-end for free skinnable software

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Below you will find a never complete collection of skinnable software, available now, or in the past. It's there to remedie some 404 pages, and it's there to document history of skinnable applications. If that old version did work for you, but current doesn't, you might find it here.

While we check for illegal software and you'll find no shareware there, as active shareware developers most certainly would mind old versions around, it might step on some toes, as it's not regular business providing files not created by people themselves. That's good, that's just, that's meaning loads of cool stuff just getting lost because no proper license was written… this is mimicing alternative shellscene, where mirroring a file is considered a favor. No license, free, we'll try to document what is there and what was there. We do believe that will be received for what it is, but if you're a developer minding what's provided here, please get in touch.